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Purged Princess Luna scenes [Rough] by Ocarinaplaya Purged Princess Luna scenes [Rough] :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 8 2 Luna in Chains by Ocarinaplaya Luna in Chains :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 18 1 [WIP]Purged Princess rough animation by Ocarinaplaya [WIP]Purged Princess rough animation :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 5 2 [WIP] Purged Princess by Ocarinaplaya [WIP] Purged Princess :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 21 4 Monkey girl rigs by Ocarinaplaya Monkey girl rigs :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 12 4 Sparity Labretto [Animation] by Ocarinaplaya Sparity Labretto [Animation] :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 56 9 Claire Drawing Loop by Ocarinaplaya Claire Drawing Loop :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 30 3 [WIP] Sparity Labretto (Crystal Clarity build) by Ocarinaplaya [WIP] Sparity Labretto (Crystal Clarity build) :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 15 0 WIP-Sparity Labretto by Ocarinaplaya WIP-Sparity Labretto :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 13 12 VG Cats Animated 7 by Ocarinaplaya VG Cats Animated 7 :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 45 17 [WIP]Rarity's Dilemma by Ocarinaplaya [WIP]Rarity's Dilemma :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 31 7 [WIP] Rainbow Dash Presents rigs by Ocarinaplaya [WIP] Rainbow Dash Presents rigs :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 25 14 Derpy toss WIP by Ocarinaplaya Derpy toss WIP :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 17 8 Arm Yourself [DWTA4 WIP] by Ocarinaplaya Arm Yourself [DWTA4 WIP] :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 8 4 Doctor Whooves 4 (animatic) by Ocarinaplaya Doctor Whooves 4 (animatic) :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 23 13 Solrac Eats Ice Cream by Ocarinaplaya Solrac Eats Ice Cream :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 30 6

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Purged Princess Luna scenes [Rough]
Tried to put a preloader on this but the flash file is set to actionscript 3.0 and my downloaded preloaders are 2.0.

Scene placements for Luna. Lots of pauses where she's offscreen.
[WIP]Purged Princess rough animation
This is what I've managed to animate in the past few days. I'm honestly impressed with myself for both the speed and not-as-lazy art direction I'm taking with this project. At this pace I should have something to upload to youtube by next week.

I plan to upload a more complete rough animation for you guys to point out flaws and such.
[WIP] Purged Princess
Screenshot of current "passion project". This idea has been sitting in my head for over a year and I've now become motivated enough to put it to action since I got bored doing the music video about compound words. Even as I try to branch out away from ponies, I can't help but keep going back to them.

Like I did in Cupcakes, I'm going to focus more on ambience to help tell the story as well as experimenting with special effect techniques I've been brainstorming. This is my take on what happens just before the start of the show when Nightmare Moon escapes her prison.

Edit: got rid of the stage notes and added a shadow under Luna for wallpaper purposes.


United States
I'm a baker at a local donut shop with an animation hobby.

Currently thinking of starting my own "ask pony" tumblr but I think a bit more practice is in order.

May even do commission work for OCs and stuff. Who knows?

Favourite genre of music: Rock (soft, classic, hard)
Favourite cartoon character: Cheerilee; Sweetie Belle
Personal Quote: "To recieve services and goods from a business is a privilege, not a right"
So this Saturday is the premiere of the 100th episode of MLP:FiM featuring background ponies almost exclusively. I'm curious how this will play out.

Also on Saturday I should have something uploaded onto youtube (and likely DA) that people have been waiting for for a while, so look out for that ;)



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